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A unique experience

Here at ZYO, we love the fine leaves of high quality teas and want to share this passion with you. Our greatest wish is to provide you with an unusually wide range of high-end organic teas and herbal teas.

We select our products with great care and offer them to you with enormous pleasure and pride.

Rich in faraway flavours and made with natural ingredients, ZYO organic teas will provide you with a truly unique experience.

Welcome to the family…our large family of Zyo teas.

Why choose organic teas?

Choosing an organic tea means enjoying a higher quality product. It also means knowing that you're enjoying a product completely free of chimical treatment... and are thus having the full benefit of its flavour and all its other fine properties.

Choosing organic teas also means that you are encouraging the return to traditional agricultural process, respectful of the Earth's natural resources, which doesn't pollute and which protects the soil. These balanced cultivation techniques encourage biodiversity and, because they bring the consumer closer to the producer, encourage mutually supportive agriculture.

New Products

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